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We are an IT Developer, System Integrators, Solution Providers, Training & Consulting which has Homebase in Tangerang. We are ready to assist in creating, updating, and maintaining IT systems to make the systems and procedures of your company or your business becomes automatic. We use IT technology to help your business become more effective and efficient.

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Data Bisnis yang Akurat dan Terintegrasi

Sinkronisasi proses di sejumlah departemen yang berhubungan ini membantu pekerjaan mencapai hasil yang lebih cepat dan lebih baik.

Dasar Pengambilan Keputusan Lebih Baik

Data yang akurat dan real time merupakan dasar pengambilan keputusan yang cepat dan kuat.

Peningkatan Efisiensi dan Produktivitas

ERP dapat meningkatkan efisiensi pada aktivitas rutin harian. Seperti pemesanan, pengiriman, kinerja pemasok, manajemen kualitas, manajemen kas, dan realisasi penjualan.

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Web Development

We love well designed websites, but a site that is organized, has a clear hierarchy

Application Development

Our mission at CNPLUS Computer Center is to become the most respected

Mobile Apps

To ensure our clients are getting the best and most cost-effective solutions


We create unique eLearning customized for your training objectives.

Data Science

We deliver a "view-able" data from your raw data.

Machine Learning

Build data pipelines by gathering, cleaning, and validating datasets.

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Inventory Application

We love well designed websites, but a site that is organized, has a clear hierarchy, executes an effective sales funnel, and speaks to your customers is better.

Project Management System

Our mission at CNPLUS Computer Center is to become the most respected, trusted, and preferred software consulting firm in the industry by providing only the highest quality services to our clients at an affordable price. So, whether you are looking to completely outsource a software project, or add world-class software professionals to your team, we will deliver.

Human Resources Information System

To ensure our clients are getting the best and most cost-effective solutions, we use the latest technologies that are optimized for current operating systems


Frequently Asked Questions

ERP adalah akronim yang merupakan singkatan dari “Enterprise Resource Management“, proses konsolidasi pengumpulan dan pengorganisasian data bisnis melalui rangkaian perangkat lunak terintegrasi.

Jangan hawatir perusahaan CNPLUS solusinya !. Karena CNPLUS sudah menggunakan CRM, akuntansi, otomatisasi pemasaran, dan aplikasi lain untuk menjalankan bisnis. Sehingga Anda dapat membuat keputusan berdasarkan informasi data real time.

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One Of The Main Functions Of Human Resource Management Is Recruitment. Online Recruitment Feature Can Help The Company Find The Best Candidate. Not Only Provides An Internal Job Portal For The Company But Also Manage Interview Process Smoothly.


In this feature usually use for periodic review of employee in the workplace. This feature will show work reports of employee in a year or a few months. Performance evaluations encourage manager to measure employee success. The information collected through this performance evaluation will help with decision-making regarding salary increases, promotions, and terminations.


This feature help company or HR to manage employee attendance more efficient and also can check the employee attendance in the real time via the dashboard. This feature also provides showing comprehensive report of employee attendance, including leave, late attendance, break hours, and overtime history in a single app.


This feature use for create payroll reports, according to attendance data and the payroll system, salary can calculate more efficient and faster to be done. So, there is no late to paying employee salary.


Employee Portal or also known as ESS (Employee Self Service) This feature is use for login as employee. From this employee can independently access their information and data relate to work and other human resource. Usually the main page showing dashboard, attendance, salary, schedule/shifting, leave announcement, employee's division, employee's birthday.


This Feature use for tracking employee performance with Key Performance Indicator. Manager and Company can create Indicator Performance for each of the different team members or divisions and can also easily assess and view the progress of employee performance. Assessment and decision making will be easier and accurate according to the data.


This feature is the only one of the solutions for company to develop and establish their employee. Company can define training session that employee can subscribe it, and also company can track the progress of the training


This feature contains courses which are create by E-Learning's Division. The purpose of this feature is to improvement of knowledge and skill employee. From this employee can maximize their ability to work so will give big impact for company.


PT. Cnplus Komputer Senter provides system custom by company.


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FOUNDER, CEO, IT Consultant

Prigadhi, ST

Senior Computer Networking

Wahyu Hanafi, S.Kom

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Nadi, S.Kom

Web Developer & Designer

Aldian Syahputra, S.Kom

Web Developer & Designer

Roynaldy Rosdiyanto, S.Kom

System Analyst

Effendy Wahyu Pradana, S.Kom

Web Developer & Designer

Ulum Mudin, S.Kom

Web Developer & Designer

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